Bricks and stones

One of the very first objects acquired by the college in 1855, this beautiful glazed brick with its vividly alluring turquoise color and markings of authentic ruggedness immediately captured my attention during my research of the collection. Suspected to be an original relic from the palace of Assyrian King Ashurnasirpal II, the worn brick dates back to the time of the ancient king’s reign from 883 to 859 B.C.E.

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The brick is joined in the museum’s collection by these fragments of Assyrian wall reliefs, or carvings on slabs of stone. The reliefs are currently on view inside the museum and are believed to have originated from the same time and place as the ancient glazed brick.

As these are some of the oldest objects in the museum’s collection, stemming from before the common era, I am wholly amazed that they remain in such brilliant condition, considering. Though, it does stand to reason that relics made from materials as durable as brick and stone are able to stand the tests of time.

The following objects from the museum’s collection date back to the 1st-2nd Century A.D. and were also created using materials made to last: glass, bronze, and terracotta.

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