Exhibition: Exotic Muses

Two weeks ago today, the Mead welcomed American sculptor and performance artist Nick Cave for a public conversation in conjunction with the Mead’s special exhibition Exotic Muses featuring three of Cave’s “soundsuits” and three oil paintings by American artist Robert Henri.

Before the lecture, Nick danced with Amherst students and visitors in the Mead’s outdoor sculpture court. As an undergrad at the Kansas City Art Institute, Nick studied modern dance, and cites his interest in the intersection between movement and art as the basis for the soundsuits. The video below, included in the exhibition, illustrates the movement of Cave’s soundsuits.

During Cave’s public conversation at the Mead, he discussed “moving into a suit” for the first time, saying, “I realized it could be brought to the body, and when I moved in it, it made sound.” He said it was only after stepping into that first suit that he realized what that sound really meant. “When I moved in the suit, I moved into this space where it was about protest, and in order to be heard, you’ve got to make noise.”

You can watch Nick’s public conversation in full on the Mead’s website here.


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