Month: August 2012

Monday Morning Muse

Today’s post launches a new, on-going column here on the blog: Monday Morning MuseEach Monday, a skillfully rendered portrait from the Mead’s collection will offer a glimpse into the life of an artist’s source of inspiration.

The print below, Artist and Model by Pablo Picasso, illustrates both the artist and the muse, and officially kicks off the first of many posts you can look forward to seeing in the MMM series.

image source: Artist and Model


From the Collection: Before and After

The Terra Foundation of American Art generously supported a project the Mead curators have been contemplating for months: a new frame for Winslow Homer’s The Fisher Girl. After narrowing the selection of frames down to a few from thousands of options, a decision has been made!


click image to enlarge


click image to enlarge

The new surround, a stately ca. 1900 American picture frame, allows Homer’s subtle composition to resonate more clearly and powerfully than the more ornate Louis XV revival frame.

*Special thanks to the Terra Foundation of American Art for generous financial support and to Tracy Gill and Simeon Lagodich of Gill & Lagodich Fine Period Frames and Gilding Restoration for their terrific work on this project.