Month: September 2012

Monday Morning Muse: The Spinet

“After reviewing the more than two hundred drawings, paintings, and prints Haskell had brought back from Paris, a Brooklyn critic reserved highest praise for The Spinet, noting its ‘power and expression in delicate lines.'” -Katrina Greene, Mead post-baccalaureate fellow, 2011

image source: The Spinet

Monday Morning Muse: Aleksandra Balashova

The two works that follow portray the same model, Russian prima ballerina Aleksandra Balashova, using vastly different techniques and resulting in two uniquely rendered portraits.

Aleksandra Balashova was a principal dancer at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow until she immigrated to Paris in 1921. She possessed the natural talent to influence and teach generations of dancers that followed, and radiated an inner and outward beauty that undoubtedly inspired the artists that portrayed her.

image sources: one / two

*The oil painting above is now on view in the museum.

Emily Dickinson: A discovery

A startling discovery has been made: Emily Dickinson scholars at Amherst College believe the photo above to be the second known photograph of the famous poet, pictured with her close friend Kate Scott Turner. The video below compares the only confirmed photo of Emily Dickinson at age 17  to the possible photo of Emily Dickinson above at the estimated age of 30.

What do you think? Is it really her?

Image source: Amherst College Archives and Special Collections
Video source: Dickinson Electronic Archives
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