Month: October 2012

Monday Morning Muse: Woman in Black Mantilla

This oil painting by French artist Roland Oudot was gifted to the Mead in 1963. Modern critics consider Oudot “one of the most distinguished members of the group of Painters of the Poetic Reality.” (1) The Painters similarly believed that “painting is not a laboratory experiment but an expression of experience resulting from the link between nature and the life of people.”(2)

image source: Woman in Black Mantilla
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Monday Morning Muse: Woman’s Tear

This simple, yet expressive line drawing by French artist Henri Matisse joined the Mead’s collection in 1996.

image source: Woman’s Tear

The Real Fisher Girl

An article published in Mainely Media last Friday reveals the woman who posed as a model for Winslow Homer as he completed The Fisher Girl in 1894. Pine Point woman: Model for a Master is the story of Ida Meserve Harding, a local resident of Pine Point where Homer lived and worked. Harding was just 16 years old when she began modeling for Homer. She modeled for The Fisher Girl, as well as another Homer painting, A Light on the Sea.

image source: The Fisher Girl