Month: May 2013

From the Collection: Oshiguma

Now on view in the Mead’s special exhibition Art for All: Additions to the Collection from Antiquity to Today are six exquisite oshiguma: impressions of kabuki actor’s faces on towels of silk captured after an actor’s performance. 
See them while they’re on view through July 7, 2013.

Image sources: left / right


Exhibition: As it Almost Was

The Mead’s new exhibition, As it Almost Was: Amherst College’s Monuments to Lord Jeffery, is on view in the museum through December 29.

Lord%20Jeff%20statuesThe exhibition features two bronze models of equestrian statues showing Amherst College’s (unofficial) mascot Lord Jeffery Amherst, and tells the story of how Amherst College almost created a monumental landmark of this historical figure.

Image credits: (left) Bela Lyon Pratt, Lord Jeffrey Amherst, 1913, Lent by Carolyn and Lindsey Echelbarger, Amherst College Class of 1974; (right) Sidney Biehler Waugh, Lord Jeffery Amherst, 1930-36/1956, Gift of Charles H. Morgan <source>


From the Collection: Cats Portfolio

Cats Portfolio – a series of 17 lithographs by Dutch artist Christian Karel Appel – joined the Mead’s collection in 1979.

Karel Appel is one of the founding members of the CoBrA movement (CoBrA = Copenhagen + Brussels + Amsterdam). Appel is considered one of the most important modern artists of the 20th century for his innovative use of color.

“My paint tube is like a rocket which describes its own space. I try to make the impossible possible. What is happening I cannot forsee; it is a surprise. Painting, like passion, is an emotion full of truth and rings a living sound–like the roar coming from the lion’s breast.”-Karel Appel


Click here to see the complete Cats Portfolio series:

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