From the Collection: Views of Manhattan

Views of Manhattan by Alan Sonfist joined the collection in 1985. On his website, Sonfist is described as “an artist/designer who engages with natural landscapes to evoke the hidden narrative of the Earth. His vision and green art projects cross borders to inspire ecological sensibility and conservation.”

Views of Manhattan
is a suite of 12 prints illustrating different parts of Manhattan. The small orange-toned squares are photos of vegetation the artist inserted. 

Text from George Glazer Gallery:

“In 1965, Sonfist proposed to City officials that they allow him to return 50 parcels of land to the way they might have looked in pre-Colonial times.  In 1978, the same year [Views of Manhattan] was made, he created one such forest, on the northeast corner of Houston Street and LaGuardia Place in Greenwich Village, called Time Landscape.  To execute the project, he installed tons of earth and planted native trees and shrubs.  Time Landscape remains at that site, and is considered one of the seminal projects of the ecological art movement.”

To read more about Time Landscape, click here.

More Views of Manhattan from the Mead’s collection:



image source: Views of Manhattan


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