Month: September 2013

A lovely Picasso

1956-54This lovely print by Pablo Picasso joined the collection in 1956. It isn’t currently on view at the Mead, but a small collection of other sketches by the infamous artist are, alongside prints by his friend and rival Henri Matisse.

image source: Illustration for Vollard’s unpublished edition of Andre Suares’ “Helene chez Archimide”


Monday Morning Muse: Costume Design

2001_116This festive design for a 1930s ballet costume by Russian artist Lev Vasil’evich Zak (aka Leon Zack) joined the collection in 2001.

image source: Costume Design: Giselle, Ballet Russe, Paris 1930

Exhibition: This Just In! Additions to the Collection from Pompeii to Today

sarcophagus no background tifThe Mead’s fall exhibition, This Just In! Additions to the Collection from Pompeii to Today, is on view now through December 29. Included in the exhibition is the Mead’s newly acquired Roman sarcophagus, inscribed with a memorial poem for the two children it once held.

Also on view is an exquisite print by Albrecht Dürer:


Contemporary art by Jonathan Meese:


And so much more.

image sources: 1 / 2 / 3