Month: November 2013

Monday Morning Muse: Women of Fashion


This lovely watercolor by French artist Jules David joined the collection in 1976. The details of the women’s dress are exquisite, from their ornately flowered hats, to the flourishes of their fitted dresses, to the peeking toes of their pointed shoes.

image source: Women of Fashion


From the Collection: Eliot O’Hara

1994-182American artist Eliot O’Hara (1890-1969) was the most popularly known watercolorist in America from 1930-1950 (source). His beautiful watercolors illustrated here were gifted to the Mead in 1994 from the O’Hara Picture Trust.




The O’Hara Picture Trust gifted a total of 13 O’Hara watercolors to the Mead. To see them all, click here.

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