Month: December 2013

From The Collection: New Years Eve

This photograph is one of our favorites from the collection: New Years Eve, NYC (Kiss me, stupid) by American artist Joel Meyerowitz, 1965.

“A prominently featured marquee in this photograph advertises the romantic comedy Kiss Me, Stupid, in which a piano teacher hires a woman to play the part of his wife when a lascivious performer comes to visit. The title of this photograph indicates that Meyerowitz captured this scene on New Year’s Eve. With this knowledge, a viewer may begin to imagine that a theater employee put those words on the marquee that day in the spirit of the holiday. The quotation marks around the phrase seem to imply an unseen, omnipresent speaker, hinting at the romantic notion this couple might have had that the words were meant for them, inspiring them to follow direction with a kiss.” –Maggie Dethloff, PHOTOdocument exhibition, 2012

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image source: New Years Eve, NYC (Kiss me, stupid)


From the Collection: Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin

This fun and snowy work titled Dancing in the Snow, Russia by Konstantin Alekseyevich Korovin joined the collection in 2001.

Korovin was a leading Russian Impressionist painter who died in Paris in 1939. Here are more works by Korovin from the collection:

2001-281A Boulevard in Paris at Night

2001_211Bois de Boulogne

2001-118Rural Scene in France

Monday Morning Muse: Untitled, young girl


This print by American artist Charles Wells, Amherst College Class of 1957, joined the collection in 2007. To see more prints from the collection by Wells, click here.

image source: Untitled, young girl