From the Collection: Elephants

Since the stone age, when elephants were represented by ancient petroglyphs and cave art, they have been depicted in the arts in various forms, including pictures, sculptures, music, film, and even architecture. (These days, some elephants are even artists themselves!) The following images of elephants from the collection span various mediums, cultures, and historical periods.

PR-1940-1Elephant Act

2004_189Dbutsuen” (The Zoo) from the series “Kodomo fuzoku (children’s customs)

S-1940-4_view_1Elephant du Senegal (Running Elephant)

INV_1991_96Untitled jungle scene with animals

1955-160Elephant Hunt


2008-23Elephas / Abgerichter Elephant / Elephant dressé / Familia V Fünffhufige

The following works are from the collections of the Smith College Museum of Art, the Hampshire College Art Gallery, and the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum:

1982_38_324Elephant with two natives in foreground, iron bridge across river in background….

2004_20_167rCoin; Denarius of Julius Caesar

2012_52_aTobacco Pipe

Frank,-Jonathan---Elephant-#3Elephant #3

mh_1943_156_i_b_pi_v1_01Dumbo, The Circus Elephant


mh_1996_3_v1Dancing Ganesha

For even more images of elephants from the collection, visit the database.


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