Participatory Art: Amherst College Family Weekend 2015

On Family Weekend this fall, staff at the Mead enlisted the help of Amherst students and their families to produce a painting of the museum on a three-by-five-foot canvas set up in front of the building. Over a two-hour period, participants collaborated on this single work of art, each bringing unique style, vision, and experience. As experimental artist Oliver Herring has said, “Participatory art is one way of accessing not just art but, through art, your own creativity.”

The Mead’s event also included costumes and props to make photo-booth-style snapshots.

Painting 3

Painting 4

Paint 17

Paint 15Paint 16

Paint 8

Paint 7

Family Day_3

Paint 9

Paint 10

Paint 11

Pain 12

Paint 13

Family Day_5

Family Day_4Paint 18


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