Month: February 2013

Monday Morning Muse: Sculpture study


This photograph of a beautiful marble bust of a young woman, attributed to German artist Joseph Spithover, joined the Mead’s collection in 2000.

For those interested in the history and advancements made in the art of sculpture, the following video of Dr. Nicholas Penny’s distinguished lecture at Amherst College, “How Museums Influence Artists: Some Curious Examples,” sheds light on the popularity sculpture gained before 1900, and its fascinating unraveling over the course of the 20th century.

image source: Sculpture study, marble bust of young woman

Monday Morning Muse: Madame Edwarda


This print by German Surrealist Hans Bellmer joined the Mead’s collection in 1980. To learn more about this fascinating artist and his influences, check out Professor Sue Taylor’s amazing essay The Wandering Libido and the Hysterical Body (The Art Institute of Chicago, 2001).

image source: Madame Edwarda

From the Collection: Le Travail interrompu


In this fanciful depiction of life in ancient Greece, a playful Cupid anoints a young woman’s ear with perfume, distracting her with thoughts of love as her mind wanders from her tedious task of winding balls of wool. Here’s to a very happy Valentine’s day full of distractions from Cupid and thoughts of love!

image source: Le Travail interrompu