Month: June 2014

Monday Morning Muse: Costume Designs

2001_27This colorful collage joined the collection in 2001. It’s a costume design for the Russian ballet ‘La Bayadère’ (The Temple Dancer).

The Mead holds a handful of costume design sketches, including this beautiful design for a waltz:


This watercolor drawing of a fairy doll costume by Russian artist Leon Bakst:

2001_284And this colorful watercolor drawing of a man’s costume, also by Leon Bakst:

2001_297image sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Monday Morning Muse: Nudes by Charles Despiau


This elegant drawing by French artist Charles Despiau joined the collection in 1953. Despiau produced a total of 150 sculptures and 1,000 drawings over a fifty year career. His works, mostly portraits and nudes exemplifying a calm classicism, are in the collections of over thirty museums in France and over 100 museums around the world. (source)

The Smith College Museum of Art holds two similar drawings by Despiau. The first is also titled Seated Nude:

Workflow: Sinar HR 43 digital camera back (single and 4 shot modes) connected to a Horseman Digiflex SLR camera using Nikon lenses.  Lighting: Quadx (Bowens) strobes and heads

The second is titled Female Nude, Seated:


image source: 1 / 2 / 3