Month: January 2014

From The Collection: Photographs by Jim Dow

The following chromogenic prints by American photographer Jim Dow, featured in the upcoming exhibition New Arrivals: Modern and Contemporary Additions to the Collection, were gifted to the Mead in 2012.

Window at Jess’s Lunch. US 11 & 33. Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1998

Facade of the Martin Theatre. Talladega, Alabama. 1978

Bar at Mrs. Turner’s Restaurant. New Orleans, Louisiana, 1977

Stand Selling Tomatoes. Yardley, Pennsylvania. 1979

Dairy Queen at Night. Iowa City, Iowa. 1988

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Monday Morning Muse: Untitled, Female Figures

This drawing by Henry Spencer Moore joined the collection in 1959.

“Moore took the human figure as a point of reference throughout his career, although he often reduced the figurative qualities to a minimum. With their indeterminate lines, colors, and tones, and various artistic media, his Female Figures seem both to emerge from and dissolve into the background. As Moore once described works of this kind: ‘My drawings are done mainly as a help towards making sculpture; as a means of generating ideas for sculpture, tapping oneself for the initial idea; and as a way of sorting out ideas and developing them. Also, sculpture compared with drawing is a slow means of expression and I find drawing a useful outlet for ideas which there is not time enough to realize as sculpture. And I use drawing as a method of study and observation of natural forms (drawings from life, drawings of bones, shells, etc.).'” -Bettina Jungen, Senior Curator

Untitled: Female Figures, 1956
Henry Spencer Moore, British (1898-1986)
Gift of Richard S. Zeisler, Class of 1937
image source: AC 1959.139

From the Collection: Cold Comfort

This polar bear print seems fitting, what with the below zero temperatures from the polar vortex affecting so many of us today. Stay warm out there, folks!


Cold Comfort
Lawrence R. Brightwell
British (1894-1955)
Gift of Edward C. Crossett (Class of 1905)
AC 1951.626