Small but spacious corner room with stunning view. High ceilings. Gleaming hardwood floor. Perfect spot for one or more.

Usually you pay more for a room with a view. Not at the Mead, though.

It costs nothing to step inside the Mead’s newly built room, situated in a corner of the main gallery, and enjoy a view of the Seine at sunrise in a village 50 miles outside Paris.

Claude Monet’s Morning on the Seine, Giverny (Matinée sur la Seine, 1897) is the single work of art installed in this room, which was constructed in the Mead’s main gallery as part of a renovation and reinstallation project that took place over the summer. “We designed the room as a space for contemplation,” says Mead director and chief curator David E. Little. “Visitors can sit in there and immerse themselves in one artwork.”

From the doorway of the new room in the Mead’s main gallery, a peek at Monet’s Morning on the Seine (oil on canvas, bequest of Miss Susan Dwight Bliss, 1966.48). Photo by Cathryn Keefe

Monet’s Morning on the Seine will remain on view throughout the fall. Next semester, Little said, visitors will find a different work in the corner room.

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